About the book club:

The Las Vegas Nonfiction Book Club holds meetings once a month to discuss an interesting book that we all will have read. All selections are non-fiction and, occasionally, historical fiction.

The organizer will choose interesting and challenging books of various genres in the nonfiction realm that provoke critical thinking and intelligent discussion. Meetings will be held in restaurants around the city so that we can eat dinner while discussing the month’s selection.

An important point to note is that the meetings tend to fill up fast. Don’t despair if the organizer posted a book that interests you and it is already full. If you are on the wait list and have read the book, you need only message the organizer-J. Carr-and inform him you wish to attend. Accommodations will almost always be made for those who wish to contribute to the discussion.

Another important facet of this group is that it has an attendant blog where discussion questions are posted before the meeting (well, at least that is the intention, sometimes the organizer falls a bit behind). Another advantage of this practice is that anyone can examine the books we have read and discussed including the group’s averaged rating.

Bears for Justice

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